What is #KindnessNow

Kindness is Empowered

God's Kindness leads to radical life change. It cuts through the distractions and skepticism of our modern multimedia existence. Not only does it reach the unchurched in a novel way, His Kindness even transforms veteran believers as we simply make ourselves available as conduits of God's love.

There is nothing random about God's Kindness. It’s intentional! Romans 2:4 explains the mission fully. In a nutshell, the battle plan is a simple process.

Notice God

You must know your creator and be actively listening and discerning your calling.

Notice Others

You are not here alone, God created all of us and he wants us to love one another.

Help Others Notice God

It is our greatest accomplishment to bring people to know Christ and his freedom.

The most effective evangelism involves action and words. Let’s demonstrate God's love through small acts of kindness.

What is “Servant Evangelism”

Servant Evangelism involves two transformational elements:  Servanthood and Evangelism.   Think about an approach where Mother Theresa meets Billy Graham.  We bring God’s love by simply serving others in practical ways with no expectations and giving the credit for this humble service to Jesus.

Servant Evangelism is not new.  It was first used effectively by Jesus. Every one of his major teachings was preceded by a tactical demonstration of kindness.  These were often powerful demonstrations that met very real, felt needs. Whether you are talking about changing water into wine to help out at a distant cousin's wedding, healing the sick, or feeding the masses before talking about the Kingdom of God, Jesus got the crowd's undivided attention by doing an act of kindness.  Then he pointed back to the act and said, this is what God's love is like.

Today, we wash cars instead of feet, but the message is the same.  Let’s not be afraid to get our hands dirty loving our communities.  Great things happen for churches that demonstrate a servant heart toward their community.  Sure your church will grow, but more importantly, you will change the atmosphere of your city and the culture of your church by making it a priority to serve others.  Kindness Outreach represents an easy, practical, first step toward helping believers share their faith.


Often misunderstood
  • Not a Random Act of Kindness
  • Not Advertising
  • Not Bait and Switch
  • Not the Gospel