What is Kindness Explosion?

Kindness Explosion in a Nutshell

A “Kindness Explosion” is a unified effort among churches in a particular city to bring God’s Kindness in practical ways to many people. Our team is dedicated to helping without asking for any compensation. If the impact of the “Kindness Explosion’ is fruitful, we are asking churches to pay it forward to the next city that we coach. We believe this approach is consistent with the spirit of our movement which is to bring God’s Kindness with “no strings attached”.

Practically Speaking…

What can a one-day Kindness Explosion really do?

Imagine this:




Your City’s Potential:



  • 500 TEAMS @ 500 LOCATIONS
  • 2500 PEOPLE SERVING X 20
  • 50,000 TOUCHES OF GOD’S LOVE = One Day Kindness Explosion

CREATE MORE AND BETTER CONVERSATIONS ABOUT GOD: Kindness Outreach Creates Contexts for God Space Conversations

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: A recent Barna report titled Reviving Evangelism states the reluctance believers have sharing their faith. We’ve found that intentional Kindness opens the door for very natural conversations about faith. Many of the models of the past for conversations are simply ineffective because they’re more about telling and preaching than listening and caring. God Space skills combined with Kindness Outreach is a win-win combination for believers and not-yet-Christians alike. Both parties walk away from their interactions respected, validated and ready to chat again.

KINDNESS CREATES ENCOUNTERS: Kindness Outreach Creates Contexts for Powerful Encounters

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: The powerful alliance of Kindness Outreach and Spiritual Gifts! Kindness Outreach creates an engaging context driven by intentional deeds of God’s Kindness which opens the door to a 10 Second Prayer-Encounter (Prophetic Words, Healing Prayers and Words of Knowledge). Simply put, encounters with God’s Presence nudge people toward Jesus!

BRING GOD'S KINDNESS TO YOUR CITY: Kindness Outreach Activates City Wide Movements

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Over the past 25 years, citywide prayer movements have sprung up all over the country and across the globe. Pastors, churches and believers have rallied and have asked God to pour out His Presence and draw people to Jesus. Many of the faithful are looking to activate their prayers to captivate the hearts and minds of not-yet-believers of their cities. However for many believers, the leap from praying for a lost person to sharing the Gospel with them is daunting. Even the most enthusiastic Christ-followers are wise to authentically care for those they pray for as they look for Holy Spirit opportunities to share the good news with them. Believers are hungering for Doable Practices that create immediate fulfillment of their God-given desire to meaningfully connect with the not-yet-Christian world. The surprising joy that exudes from providing even the simplest nudge of God’s Love enables the inexperienced or fearful witness to believe, “I can do this,” “I make a difference” and “that was easy” so that they want to serve again and again. Imagine an approach to evangelism that’s doable for anyone, is low risk and requires very little verbal skill? Just something as simple as handing out a bottle of water with a connect card and saying “This is to demonstrate God’s love for you in a practical way with no strings attached.”

Webinar: Kindness Outreach: Principles and Payoff

55 minutes | Join in on a practical, doable and yes, even fun, outreach! We call it Kindness Outreach — showing God’s love in practical ways to draw people to Jesus. Together we will discover the principles connected with showing God’s kindness. When we marry God’s kindness with our simple availability the world will change! Also learn about the multiple payoffs for your church. “The kindness of God leads to…a radical life change” (Rom. 2:4, NASB & MSG)

God Space Introduction

If you want to increase the quantity and quality of your spiritual conversations in practical, doable, and authentic ways, God Space will help you engage this ever-changing world with God’s never-changing message




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