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The human race has always been in need of a deposit of love. In light of the current polarization in the U.S., we are in greater need of a dose of human and divine kindness than ever!

We have traveled the country experimenting with hundreds of unique ways to bring kindness in practical, doable ways. We are now putting wheels on the most scaleable projects and taking it on the road. Namely, we are giving away many thousands of bottles of water to the thirsty. We are washing cars in reverse where we give drivers a dollar for the privilege of serving them. Some will even wash public toilets — all to show God’s love in practical ways.

“The kindness of God leads to…a radical life change!”

(Rom. 2:4, NASB, MSG).

His kindness is both practical and spiritual. As we do the practical part by serving or meeting a need, the presence of God comes and does the heavy lifting.

God’s life is a lot like velcro. We are joined with him when we experience his kindness. We become carriers of his life. This isn’t a call to more human efforts to be kind — it is the living presence of God that comes through those who say, “Here I am. Use me!”

Why are we doing this?

The world can always use a shot of love and kindness.
Our role in all of this is to be conductors of the kindness of God. His kindness runs deep and changes us in an enduring way.
Each time we go out of our way to bring even a bit of kindness, something spiritual and abiding happens. Those we serve are drawn to a radical and healing life change.

What we’re doing:

For several years we have been putting on events we call “Kindness Outreaches.” In one Kindness Explosion alone over 300 churches participated in an outreach that connected with over 300,000 people. All of that in about two hours.

We are taking what was once confined to one city on the road! We are bringing encouragement and modeling how to connect with the people of the city through serving them. A great part about it being the kindness of God — it leads to his radical life change. Even when we don’t feel all that kind, his life changing kindness will flow through us as we simply choose to show up and game for any kindness adventure in serving.

How do we do this?

We are traveling to cities around the U.S. to bring our unique brand of outreach to groups scattered here and there. We have even see the “Kindness” Movement expand into Europe and Asia. Kindness really can make a difference.

Just think about what could happen…

How different would life on planet earth be if a movement of regular folks began that stood for:

  • Promoting others more than ourselves.
  • Blessing others instead of cursing them (even when we’re sure they deserve it!)
  • Bringing seeds of forgiveness, acceptance and the very love of Jesus.

One thing is for certain — as the world experiences the presence of God through his people’s serving, a giant deposit will go into our relationship account with them.

Let’s partner in your area

If this resonates with you and you would like to see a Kindness Explosion saturate our community, please let us know. We would love the opportunity to chat about the possibilities.

How You Can Help…

Pay It Forward

If you are able to help offset some of the expenses of a Kindness Explosion, we have made it super easy. Click the button below to make a one-time or recurring contribution. Together, we can share the love of Christ with the world!


As you think of the Kindness Movement, shoot off an arrow of prayer. A great one: “I invite you Lord to bless this journey. Let your power, your momentum and your provision rest upon this!”

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